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Adult Stem Cell Programs

Stem Cell Therapy & Cryobanking

Storing Adult Stem Cells with American CryoStem

Adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, contains an abundance of powerful regenerative Adult Stem Cells that are responsible for healing and repairing organs and tissues in the body.

As you the body ages, so do Adult Stem Cells. The younger the Adult Stem Cell, the greater its capacity to divide, repair and replenish organs and tissues. Over time, environmental factors and the body’s natural wear and tear adversely affect cellular health. These factors cause damage to DNA with associated consequences to overall health, vitality and life-span.

Collecting and storing Adult Stem Cells today ensures capturing the current cellular age, while Adult Stem Cells are healthy and ”as young as possible,” providing the optimal environment for future cellular treatments. Today is the youngest the body will ever be, preserve this moment in time.

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Adipose-Tissue and Adipose-Derived Adult Stem Cells offer key advantages over Adult Stem Cells collected from other sources:

Adipose-Tissue (fat)

  • Readily available; easily accessible, universal source of bio-material Contains an abundance of robust adult “structural”, undifferentiated stem cells
  • Serves as a biocompatible filler for plastic and reconstructive purposes Minimally invasive and minimal downtime required for abdominal fat harvest via mini-liposuction
  • Contains quantities of Adult Stem Cells that are up to 1000 times greater than that of bone marrow
  • Demonstrates viability post cryopreservation (cryobanking) for more than 50 years
  • Adipose Tissue and Adipose-Derived Stem Cell collection is a simple minimally invasive outpatient procedure that is performed by your physician, either stand-alone or in conjunction with liposuction other surgical procedures. The recovery period is typically short.

Adult Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)

  • Recruit the body to repair itself - promote extensive regeneration and recovery
  • Possess the ability to morph (differentiate) into multiple cell types: tissue, organ, bone Possess the intrinsic capacity to renew oneself and proliferate (multiply)
  • Exhibit anti-inflammatory properties - reduce systemic inflammation
  • Serve as natural immuno-modulators - help to regulate or normalize the immune system Accelerate healing, ameliorate existing injuries and conditions, and mitigate pain
  • Fortify tissue tensile strength

Stem Cell Storage Pricing

Just as insurance protects you from unforeseen future financial risks, storing your Adult Stem Cells is an investment in your future health regardless of your current age. The security of knowing that you have your own Adult Stem Cells available is assuring and potentially life-saving.



From 25mL-60mL of processed tissue

Account Setup
Individualized Collection Materials
Tissue Testing and Processing
Cryogenic Setup and Preparation


(includes 6 months of storage)

$300 base price (Up to 6 master samples) .

Additional storage is billed each consecutive year that your specimen remains in storage at the Company’s designate cryopreservation facility. Storage amounts over 6 master samples after the first 6 months will be billed $50 each sample a year. Each additional stored master sample bag is $50 each.