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Adipose Tissue & Stem Cell Programs

How the Programs Work


1. Tissue Collection

Visit your local cosmetic or plastic surgeon and schedule a tissue harvest. The tissue harvest typically takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the area. The total amount of tissue collected will be determined by your physician depending on your current and future treatment plan (s). Approximately 60mLs of tissue (just over a ¼ cup) is collected for current and future regenerative medicine applications. Large amounts of tissue can be collected for cosmetic fat transfer procedures.


2. Tissue Processing

Post tissue collection, the physician will package the sample into the Cellect® transportation bag via overnight express mail. Client samples are processed immediately upon receipt at the laboratory facility.


3. Choose a Regenerative Program

Client samples are processed and cryopreserved for future use. When a tissue or stem cell sample is requested it will be delivered to your physician's office the morning of the scheduled procedure. 

Adult Stem Cell Program: ATCELL Bank™

Stem Cell Processing

Every client sample is tested several times for sterility and viability according to cGMP compliant protocols. Post-processing, a client sample is stored in a proprietary cryoprotectant ensuring cell viability and subsequent thawing for future use. 


Stem Cell Therapy

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At the request of the client's treating physician, we will deliver your processed stem cell sample. Cryopreserved adult stem cell samples are shipped overnight and delivered the morning of your procedure for immediate use – the same day.

Cosmetic Cryo-Fat Program: ATGRAFT™

Tissue Processing

The tissue is accepted by our lab and processed under strict quality control standards. The sample is separated into the predetermined specifications ordered for predetermined future cosmetic procedure. Once the tissue is placed in the vial or bag it is then placed into the cryopreservation tank until needed in the future.


Tissue Retrieval 

Once a client's physician requests the entire sample or a portion thereof for tissue grafting, our laboratory will prepare the sample for delivery the morning of the procedure for same day use. No further preparation of the sample is required by your physician.