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Physicians, American CryoStem, offers an innovative opportunity to expand your practice. Collecting and cryopreserving adipose tissue and adipose-derived adult stem cells provide you and your patients the ability to greatly benefit from the expanding fields of personalized and regenerative medicine.

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    ATGRAFT™ Information

    ATGRAFT™, a clinical tissue storage solution for physicians to provide their patients with the highest quality Regenerative Medicine procedures and treatments from a single liposuction. Included in each ATGRAFT™ fat storage is a adipose tissue extraction and transportation kit used to deliver up to 160mL of tissue to our laboratory via FedEX® priority overnight for immediate processing and storage of 100mL. Larger sizes storages use two or more collection kits.

    ATGRAFT™ Samples are:

    • Tested for pre-cryopreservation adipocyte and cell viability
    • Tested for initial sample sterility
    • Adipoctye growth assay performed
    • Stored in a non-DMSO cryopretectent suitable for immediate injection or further processing
    • Post cryopreservation quality control viability testing
    • Full 14 day sterility test
    • 24 hour sample retrieval turn around from time of request

    ATGRAFT™ Highlights:

    • With one liposuction patients have the opportunity to plan their fat transfer procedures in advance and create a long term schedule cosmetic procedures.
    • Storage packages and configurations for all types of cosmetic purposes. Small 25-100mL, Medium 100-300mL, Large 300-600mL+
    • Fat can be saved indefinitely once in cryogenic storage.
    • No processing required by physician when retrieving fat sample for future use.
    • Stored fat can be processed into a clinical stem cell sample for future regenerative medicine applications.