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ATGRAFT® Fat Storage

Fat Storage today for a younger you tomorrow.

Cryogenically Stored Tissue for Natural Beauty


A new solution for fat transfers and grafting.

Fat transfers offer the most natural look and feel for aesthetic augmentation and corrective cosmetic procedures. Rather than using synthetic materials, use fat from an undesired location to enhance a multitude of areas throughout your body. Storing your fat tissue for cosmetic enhancements provides you with many benefits not available from a one-time fat transfer procedure. You can now have one liposuction and simply visit your treating physician for multiple transfer procedures by using your stored tissue for more a pleasing, natural result.


Now like never before, patient's have the ability to use their own body tissue over a long period of time to help them get their desired look and feel. Patient's undergo a routine fat harvest procedure, the treating physician transfers the collected tissue into a specialized transportation system which is delivered to the American CryoStem laboratory for immediate processing and cryopreservation.  

When a patient is ready to use a portion of or the complete stored sample their treating physician simply requests a delivery and the tissue is ready to use the day of the appointment. 

Stored Tissue can be used for:

  • facial enhancements 
  • hand volumizing 
  • natural breast argumentation
  • Brazilian butt lift 
  • acne scare revision/repair
  • surgical site repair

For additional information on ATGRAFT® please email, or speak to your treating physician.

Fat Storage ATGRAFT® program before pictureATGRAFT® Fat Injections, Derma Fillers
Fat Storage ATGRAFT® before pictureAmerican CyroStem ATGRAFT® fat storage program

Photos courtesy Dr. Fredric A. Stern

Tissue Storage Packages


With ATGRAFT®, your personal reserve of cryogenically stored fat tissue, allows you to reap the benefits of using previously liposuctioned fat as a natural filler, today or in the future.

Stored tissue allows for layered fat transfers over time to achieve the most natural, lasting results. Consult with your physician to create a personalized fat transfer treatment plan from a single liposuction.

$250 base price (100mL of tissue) .

Additional storage is billed each consecutive year that your specimen remains in storage at the Company’s designate cryopreservation facility. Storage amounts over 100mL after the first 6 months will be billed $200 plus $1 for each additional mL over 100mL stored