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Adipose Derived Adult Stem Cell Lines

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ATCELL™ Clinical Grade Adipose Derived Adult Stem Cells
Catalog Number: ATCELL-hADSCs

Product Details

ATCELL™ Mesenchymal Stem Cells (ADSCs) are isolated from adipose tissue collected using our patented CELLECT® collection system. ATCELL's™ that require expansion are cultured using our proprietary ACSelerateMax™ serum free (animal product free) media.

As the science allows the use of patient specific ADSCs for the creation of therapeutic strategies for alleviating degenerative conditions, there is a clear need for laboratory processed patient-specific stem cells. Using our proprietary process for isolating and expanding stem cells derived from patient lipoaspirate, CRYO is able to process, culture and cryopreserve multiple stem cell samples.

ATCELL™ Differentiation Ability

ATCELLs™ are human mesenchymal stem cells more commonly known as adult stem cells capable of developing into a defined subset of mature cells; adipocytes, osteocytes, and chondrocytes. Each ATCELL™ sample is tested for its differentiated capabilities before and after cryopreservation.

ATCELL™ Purity and Expansion

ATCELLs™ are validated hADSCs through surface marker flow cytometry and differentiation analysis. Validation studies conducted with multiple cell lines over multiple passages ensure that ATCELL™ lines maintain their cellular identity during the culture process, assuring purity and reliably in clinical applications.