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CELLECT® Tissue Harvesting System

Save your Adipose Tissue today for use in the future. 

Adipose Tissue Collection & Transportation System


The ideal adipose tissue harvesting system for, tissue preservation and adult stem cell processing.

Our first-in-class CELLECT® collection system has been used repeatedly by leading physician's looking for a simple to use effective way to harvest and transport adipose tissue. The CELLECT® system is used for all of American CryoStem's tissue based services and its research development programs. Available to physicians and researchers.


The CELLECT® Tissue Harvesting System contains all the materials needed for a manual fat tissue harvest or tissue collection from a power-assisted device's sterile canister. The CELLECT® system is available in two different volume configurations, 100mL, and 250mL bags. The CELLECT® collection and transportation bags contain American CryoStem's proprietary transportation media for maximum viability of live cells during shipment and processing.

Whats Included with CELLECT®

  • Pre-labeled Collection Box (for specimen return)
  • Specimen Transport Bag containing
  • Desiccant Laminate Sheet
  • Adipose Tissue Collection Bag (100mL or 250mL depending on kit size) with sterile proprietary transportation media
  • Syringe Caps
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Temperature tracker
  • Disposable Cannula
  • Disposable 60mL Syringes
  • Patient Enrollment and Specimen
  • Collection Data/Patient Verification Forms

For additional information and purchasing of the Cellect® tissue collection system please email,