Natural Breast Reconstruction: Nature’s Perfect Answer to Mastectomy

Natural Breast Reconstruction: Nature’s Perfect Answer to Mastectomy

When a woman is dealing with the prospect of losing one or both of her breasts to cancer, there are many questions and emotions that come flooding in:

  • “Will losing my breast be worth it?”
  • “Will I ever be able to accept the way I look after this?”
  • “What can I do to get my breast back?”

These are all very real questions that patients facing mastectomy are looking to find answers for. Today, a natural breast reconstruction via autologous fat transfer is nature’s perfect answer to restoring breasts after undergoing mastectomy.

So what can be done? What could a woman facing this harsh reality do to restore her femininity and ensure that breast cancer doesn’t take her identity, along with her breast? That’s where autologous fat transfer comes in. A layered fat transfer, or fat grafting done in stages with the help of ATGRAFT tissue storage, can be the bridge from devastation to reclaiming what cancer has taken.

By providing this reliable platform to store adipose tissue the breasts can be reconstructed using the patient’s own’ fat which also contain adult stem cells. It’s a brilliant stride in regenerative biology and medicine, and it is also a brilliant step towards a better quality of life for breast cancer survivors.

What Is Autologous Fat Transfer?
The word “autologous” refers to the patient’s own body fat. This adipose tissue can be harvested through a liposuction procedure done inside a plastic surgeon’s office. The harvested fat can then be injected into any of the areas desired, such as the breasts after certain types of mastectomy, to improve the appearance of the breasts can be restored using 100% natural material.

What typically happens during a fat transfer procedure is this: the fat is first extracted from the tummy, thighs, or other area to remove excess fat via liposuction. Then, it is processed so that the adipose tissue with the included adult stem cells are prepared for storage. Finally, it is cryogenically preserved at a stem cell storage company such as American CryoStem.

The patient can continue to withdrawal from their adipose tissue and stem cell storage “bank” so that the material can be injected wherever the patient has designated and at the time that is right for them. It’s a revolutionary (and all-natural) technique that is extremely effective in correcting breast asymmetry for reconstruction.

More breast cancer survivors than ever are leaning toward natural breast reconstruction because it eliminates the use of artificial materials in the body. This is the only all-natural option available today for cosmetic replacement of breast tissue lost to mastectomy. We call it “Mother Nature’s perfect answer”.

Take, for example, Suzanne Somers, who made headlines in 2011 when she decided to use adipose derived stem cells to restore the breast tissue she lost after lumpectomy and intense radiation. The most amazing part of autologous fat transfer is that the stem cells contained in the fat “know” what kind of tissue is around them and are actually able to help the new fat survive in the breasts after being grafted in.

How Can We Help?
We specialize in the purification and storage of adipose tissue (body fat) and adipose derived adult stem cells. Our clinical tissue processing, patented cell culture media products, and tissue storage platform support cosmetic and regenerative medicine applications that are being developed around the world. So, when it comes to fat and stem cell storage for a natural breast reconstruction, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, the possibilities for the use of adult stem cells in regenerative medicine are endless. We encourage you to consider storing your stem cells today as bio-insurance for what may happen tomorrow.
Today is the youngest your cells will ever be! Call us to find out more about how to invest in personal cellular bio-insurance, stem cell storage cost, and how the entire process works.

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