Corporate Management

Corporate Management


arnone-150x150John Arnone, Chairman & CEO Mr. Arnone has spent the last eight years as the Chairman of American CryoStem and CEO since 2011. Prior to his involvement in the life sciences / biotechnology industries he spent 25 years in the investment banking/financial services industry as an investment banker, and a hands-on investor. Over the period holding 6 NASD licenses, Mr. Arnone founded, managed and operated two general securities broker-dealers based in New York City specializing in strategic and financial planning, capital formation and new business development. Over the years Mr. Arnone has provided advisory and business management services as a founder, officer, director and/or shareholder to both mid-level and development stage private and public companies. Mr. Arnone also co-founded and operated a global entertainment distribution corporation with 120 employees that under Mr. Arnone’s guidance was voted medium wholesaler of the year in the music industry (1997, 1998 and 2000) by the National Association of Recording Merchants. Mr. Arnone is also the founder of Personal Cell Sciences Corp., a personalized anti-aging stem cell company. Mr. Arnone holds a degree in Business Administration and a BA. in Economics from Kean University in New Jersey.


dudzinski-150x150Anthony F. Dudzinski, COO Mr. Dudzinski has been in the life sciences and biotechnology sector for more than 8 years and has more than 25 years of experience in areas of senior management with a variety of public and private companies. Beginning in the securities industry with a focus on regulatory compliance and operations, Mr. Dudzinski combined this experience with the biotechnology industry while building new investment vehicles focused on life sciences and biotechnology companies in 2004. Mr. Dudzinski is a founder of American CryoStem Corporation and is primarily focused on building and maintaining the Company’s operational and laboratory infrastructure and their compliance with current regulations. Mr. Dudzinski past positions include chief executive officer, president, chief operating officer and director of small and medium-size organizations including publicly traded company with approximately 300 employees and president and chief operating officer of a privately operated broker-dealer with more than 175 sales associates. In addition to this experience Mr. Dudzinski was a founder and chief executive officer of a number of publicly available exchange traded funds, and the founder, chairman and chief operating officer of a target date fund complex and a registered investment company.

Michael_Moeller_webMichael L. Moeller, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Michael Moeller has 18 years of experience in Stem Cell and 30+ years of general scientific experience, having worked with human and rodent embryonic stem (ES) cells, human and rodent induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, human and rodent neural stem (NS) cells, and human placentally-derived, umbilical cord-derived, bone marrow-derived, and adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).  He has expertise in the development of programming strategies for stem cells, in optimization of scientific workflow processes, in assay development and implementation, in the creation of primary cell lines, and in the application of stem cells to therapeutic strategies.

Dr. Moeller earned his PhD in Molecular Biology and Immunology from the University of North Texas Health Science Center in 2003, where he specialized in human tissue-derived stem cells and tissue engineering, and his early work directly led to the development of several artificial tissue model systems and several novel methods in stem cell biology. Dr. Moeller has been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell Biology at the UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine, where his research focused on the use of human tissue-derived stem cells in the development of therapeutic strategies for nervous system disorders.  Prior to that, he co-developed and led the execution of the first stem cell training course ever conducted in the State of New Jersey and has since been a frequent guest instructor and speaker at the Rutgers University Stem Cell Training Courses.  He has held scientific and technical positions at EMD Millipore, where he provided both internal and external scientific and technical support and developed and assisted in the marketing of commercial products in multiple fields, including stem cell biology; ViroCyt, where he exerted a powerful influence on the global vaccine market through demonstrating a knack for bringing new technologies to market and promoting their use; and Janssen Diagnostics (a J&J Company) where he worked to develop and commercialize technologies for the isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells isolated from patient blood samples.

He has also been an established and distinguished teacher, having taught courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Stem Cell Biology, Biomedical Ethics, Microbiology, General Biology, General Zoology, and Invertebrate Zoology.  During the course of his career, he has also worked closely with top-level researchers and thought leaders at Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Centocor, Ethicon, Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis and Biogen Idec, as well as USAMRIID and the NIH. He is also an Advisory Board Member of the Rutgers University Neural Engineering Group (RUNEG).  Dr. Moeller brings a wealth of technical and scientific expertise, as well as an extensive network of contacts within the academic, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology arenas to our company.

Ruth_Goldman_webRuth Goldman, Vice President, Laboratory Director Ruth Goldman comes to American CryoStem with over 30 years experience in cell banking. Graduating from Douglass College with a Bachelors degree in Microbiology, she began work at the Coriell Institute for Medical Research after being hired by Dr. Coriell himself. During her years at Coriell, Ruth helped to develop the quality control standards that the Coriell Institute has become known for. She was a driving force in the development and implementation of customized growth media and environments needed by specialized adherent cell cultures. She also worked with researchers involved in the Integrated Primate Biomaterials and Information Resources (IPBIR) project in developing primate cell cultures. Ruth’s knowledge of the various aspects of cell banking ranges from data management to team management, and to all aspects of cell culturing; from biopsy sampling techniques, to culture initiation, large-scale cultures, and cryogenics. She has trained numerous individuals, from employees to scientists from across the US and the world, as well as an Adjunct Professor with Rowan and Rutgers Universities, teaching a cell culture course on-site at the Institute.


J.Difolco-web-150x150John DiFolco, Director of Marketing Mr. DiFolco has been has been involved in the Regenerative and Personalized Medicine industry for the past eight years creating and implementing marketing campaigns for various organizations over the years. He has marketed new products and services into new markets and as a result increased overall awareness and revenue. He has skills in understanding the market landscape and how to market company services through multiple channels including social networking, search engine marketing, local web searching and grass roots print media campaigns. Mr. DiFolco has a deep understanding of technology, specifically web development and the creation of digital media. His core focus is to create and implement marketing campaigns targeted towards the Company’s customers.