A stem cell platform designed for today 


It all begins with a simple, fat tissue collection to extract each client's own genetic material. One collection to start the future of a personalized regenerative medicine program tailored to each client.



adult stem cell & cosmetic cryo-fat

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  • "Having a patient’s fat tissue cryopreserved allows for long term cosmetic treatments. A single fat harvest with storage allows for multiple follow up procedures."
    Dr. Fredric A. Stern
  • "American CryoStem has stem cell technology that surpasses all commercial and research/academic institutions in the world today. The ability to expand mesenchymal stem cells with fidelity as many times as AC can is unmatched, and, AC’s technology to transport and store both the collected material and expanded cells is the safest and most reliable on the market by far."
    Rand McClain, DO, Santa Monica, CA
  • "American CryoStem is at the forefront of the next generation of aesthetic and medical treatments and has been my partner for almost ten years. Storing far for later aesthetic face and body enhancement allows for a revision procedure without additional labor of liposuction surgery."
    Dr. Robert J. Troell , Las Vegas, NV
  • "ATGRAFT has been a wonderful and convenient way for my patients to harness the regenerative power of their own fat.  ATGRAFT allows my patients to receive multiple fat-grafting treatments from only one harvesting procedure.  Specimens arrive overnight in the volume of my choice and are easy to use in the office.  This flexibility has been invaluable to my practice and to my patient's overall experience."
    W. John Bullis, MD, Bellevue, WA
  • “I have been doing fat grafting since 1984 and have written papers on it.  I have found cryopreserved fat to be far superior to freshly harvested.  No excess swelling, no recovery, no overcorrection and accurate volume.”
    William K. Boss MD, Paramus, NJ

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