About American CryoStem

Innovator of Adipose Derived
Stem Cell Technologies

American CryoStem Corporation (CRYO) founded in 2008, has evolved to become a biotechnology pioneer, standardizing adipose tissue-derived stem cell technologies for the fields of Regenerative and Personalized Medicine.

The Company operates a state-of-art, FDA-registered, clinical laboratory in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, and licensed laboratories in Hong Kong, China, and Tokyo, Japan, which operate on our proprietary platform, dedicated to the collection, processing, bio-banking of adipose tissue (fat) and culturing, differentiation of adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) for use in regenerative medicine.

The Company’s R&D efforts are focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of ADSCs with synergistic partnerships to develop regenerative medicine applications and new intellectual property.

Pipeline Growth Strategy 

We use our patented intellectual property to develop safe and effective cellular medicine products and applications for indications that represent a large unmet need globally. Our therapeutic pipeline of products and applications is based on technologies developed both in-house and obtained through licensing and collaboration arrangements with biotechnology companies.

We intend to utilize our comprehensive Cellular platform to support cellular products related to gender, age, nationality, orthopedic applications, and disease with partners that can efficiently develop treatments without having to rediscover and recreate the underlying technology for each new product.


An early adopter of utilizing adipose tissue as a stem cell source we have designed every process and product to standardize, validate and commercialize our platform.


Patented, modular, platform technology allows complete control of the stem cell processing and manufacturing chain for optimal standardized cellular characteristics.


Allowing a patient to improve their quality of life by easily preparing for their current or future regenerative medicine needs by utilizing our cellular platform with multiple products, (bio-insurance) allowing for usage at every stage of life.

Our Role in the Industry

Regenerative & Personalized Medicine holds the promise of regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal previously irreparable tissues and organs. The industry currently has three major categories where our platform and stem cell products participate;