Stem Cell Banking

Adult Stem Cell Banking

American CryoStem offers individuals the opportunity to collect, process and store pure adipose tissue and or adipose derived adult stem cells.


family-squareAs we age, so do Stem Cells. The younger the Adult Stem Cell, the greater its capacity to divide, repair and replenish organs and tissues. As you age, environmental factors and the body’s natural wear and tear adversely affect cellular health. These factors cause damage to DNA with associated consequences to overall health, vitality and life-span. Having stored cells avoids time delays, high recurring  costs and cellular rejection associated with donor stem cell transplants. Having to take anti-rejection medications, over a lifetime create substantial financial burdens for patients and their families and can shorten the recipient’s life span. Collecting and storing your Adult Stem Cells today ensures capturing the current cellular age, while the Adult Stem Cells are healthy and ”as young as possible”, providing the optimal environment for future cellular treatments. Today is the youngest you will ever be, preserve this moment in time.


Adult Stem Cells are found in multiple sources throughout the body, including bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and adipose tissue (fat). Adult Stem Cells are the body’s repair system responsible for restoring the body’s important structures, tissues and organs. Scientific interest in Adipose Derived Adult Stem Cells is focused on their ability to transform into many different cell types. Adipose Derived Adult Stem Cells are the most abundant type of Adult Stem Cells in the body. They are readily accessible and easy to collect.


Adipose (fat) Derived Adult Stem Cells offer key advantages over Adult Stem Cells collected from other sources:

  • Fat is easily accessible and economical to collect.
  • Fat tissue contains quantities of Adult Stem Cells that are up to 1000 times greater than bone marrow.
  • Fat collection is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can be performed in a physician’s office, with a short recovery period and can be accomplished in conjunction with other surgical procedures.


screenshot-2016-10-12-17-33-57Maximum Regenerative Potential

Adult Stem Cells found throughout the body serve as the maintenance and repair system for all tissues and organs. Our bodies have a limited number of stem cells. Over time, stem cells become damaged and lose their potential to differentiate into other cell types that regenerate our organs and tissues. Ongoing cellular damage reduces regenerative potential and puts stem cells into a state of premature sleep, limiting their ability to divide.

screenshot-2016-10-12-17-34-07Cell Aging & DNA Damage

Like all cells, Adult Stem Cells are comprised of chromosomes and sequences of DNA. As we age, our cells are subject to oxidative stress from external and internal factors, which amount to accumulated cellular toxicity. At the ends of chromosomes are protective caps called telomeres, which slow deterioration of DNA. Every day that we grow older, cells divide and the telomere end caps diminish, making our DNA susceptible to damage and mutation. The link between telomere length and cellular damage reminds us of the cellular age limits of each of our cells. Every day that we age is a day that cannot be reversed. Cryogenic storage can “halt aging” and ensure that the collected cells stay in their pristine state until needed.

screenshot-2016-10-12-17-34-14Personalized Resource

In the event that you become ill and cannot use your own cells it would require finding a donor transplant. Finding a cellular transplant may prove to be time consuming and if successful there still may be complications due to the cells not being an identical DNA match. Put your mind at ease knowing that you have a personal cellular sample stored and available for the emerging fields of Regenerative and Personalized Medicine therapies. Cellular therapy is the future of Regenerative and Personalized Medicine; your stored cellular material will enable you to take advantage of current and new developments taking place globally today.