A Simple Three Step Process

The storage and product creation of each cellular sample is accomplished in three step process at our cGMP facility.


collection sites1. Collect

American CryoStem’s proprietary collection process is designed for areas of the body containing abundant fat deposits holding large quantities of adult stem cells.

The collection of your adipose tissue is performed by a participating American CryoStem Physician Provider in one of two ways: as a “stand-alone” mini-liposuction procedure or as an “add-on” to any scheduled surgical procedure. The most common tissue collection areas are the abdomen (lower belly), outer thigh, or upper hip.

When storing less than 100mL of your tissue the procedure is typically performed using a local anesthetic. This minimally invasive procedure can be done in less than one hour in your physician’s office or at a same day surgery facility. It’s simple, quick and the benefits can last a lifetime

fat-process-12. Process

Collected adipose tissue (fat) is transported to our FDA registered laboratory immediately after it has been collected. Our laboratory utilizes state of the art equipment and methodologies to ensure the highest clinical standards are upheld. Adipose tissue (fat) is processed into either a ATGRAFT (whole fat storage) sample or ATCELL (adult stem cell) sample and tested for viability (ensuring live cells were collected) and sterility (free of contaminants) before storage, during storage and prior to sample release.

tankisolated1-163x3003. Store

Once processing is complete, the specimen is immediately placed into cryogenic storage at -190 degrees Celsius and safely stored in our cryopreservation tanks. FDA compliant cryoprotectant enables adipose tissue to survive subsequent freezing and thawing. A specialized inventory control system is used to track specimens from collection to storage and future retrieval with a 24/7 FDA compliant monitoring system.