Natural Beauty with Fat Banking

Fat transfers offer the most natural look and feel for aesthetic augmentation and corrective cosmetic procedures. Rather than using synthetic materials, use fat from an undesired location to enhance a multitude of areas throughout your body. Storing your fat tissue for cosmetic enhancements provides you with many benefits not available from a one-time fat transfer procedure. You can now have one liposuction and simply visit your treating physician for multiple transfer procedures by using your stored tissue for more a pleasing, natural result.


Anti-Aging Skin Care

Personal Cell Sciences’ U Autologous Regenerative Product Suite is the most exclusive and personalized skin care line ever created. The ability to harness an individual‘s own signaling molecules in our proprietary formulation technology, Autokine-CM, has allowed us to create the industry’s first truly autologous skin care product line, catering to the preventative and facial rejuvenation markets. Genetically unique to each client, hand-blended and delivered monthly, our patented Autokine-CM is the main active ingredient in the product suite.