Frequently Asked Questions

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The Company’s stock transfer agent is Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co., Inc. They can help with a wide variety of shareholder-related services. You should contact them for any of the following: Change of address, Transfer ownership of stock, Request stock certificate(s), Request account statement, Request replacement of lost stock certificate(s),

The Company currently uses the firm of Donahue Associates, LLC as their auditors.

You can request information be mailed or emailed to you by visiting the Company’s web site. Or, you may also contact Hanover|Elite at 407-585-1080 or via email at CRYO@hanoverelite.com, and they would be happy to accommodate your request for information, address any questions you may have and/or add you to the Company’s email database to ensure you receive ongoing information about American CryoStem as soon as it becomes publicly available

September 30.

Since American CryoStem does not have a direct stock purchase plan, you can buy shares of CRYO by contacting any retail stockbroker or via online brokerage service.

Its common stock trades on the OTCQB under the symbol CRYO.

1 Meridian Road
Suite 5
Eatontown, NJ 07724

American CryoStem is incorporated in the State of Nevada.

You can find this information at www.americancryostem.com. You may also contact investor relations, at 732-747-1007 or by emailing info@americancryostem.com