Maintaining Optimal Cell Viability during Cryopreservation

Our proprietary cryopreservation methods and procedures ensure reliable, consistent cryopreservation results for your tissue and cellular samples.


The ability to properly cryopreserve adipose tissue and cellular samples is a key component in providing usable tissue and cellular samples after thawing from cryo-storage for current and future Regenerative Medicine applications.

Our cutting-edge cryopresevation protocols include using proprietary DMSO free, storage media for adipose tissue and adult stem cells. All samples are store at liquid nitrogen temperatures of -190⁰ Celsius in state-of-the-art vapor phase tanks. Vapor phase tanks are designed so that there is no liquid nitrogen touching surrounding samples which greatly deceases risks of contamination of the sample.

CRYO developed and utilizes a proprietary cryoprotectant that allows for the shipment of thawed tissue samples at ambient temperature (room temperature), which eliminates physician preparation upon receipt. Our proprietary products and R&D methodology reinforce our commitment to delivering easy to use, contaminant free samples.