Contract Manufacturing & Licensing

American CryoStem Corporation offers customized contract manufacturing services to researchers, institutions, CROs and other independent biotech companies in support of clinical and basic stem cell research and development. Utilizing CRYO’s proprietary processing platform, laboratory tools and patented media technologies CRYO can assist researchers and commercial clients that seek consistent and repeatable results. Clients are able to access one or more single donor cell lines to create master and working cell banks. Our experience in single donor ATCELL lines provides researchers consistent and repeatable results by eliminating the common issues found in pooled stem cell samples such as; genetic mismatch between cells, spontaneous differentiation or senescence and, lack of detail on the donors within the pooled sample. Our platform allows clients to obtain genetically matched differentiated cell lines such as Osteogenic, Chondrogenic and Adipogenic among others.

Contract manufacturing clients may choose master ATCELL samples which may be reserved by the Company on a project specific basis. Clients may request specific stem cell demographic characteristics such as age, sex, medical history and ethnic backgrounds which will be sourced, processed and stored for the client. Researchers may request early passage cell lines which can be created and stored for future use.

All cellular samples are tested for phenotype, sterility and growth to cGMP standards upon establishment of the master bank and ongoing quality management testing over the course of each project.

International Licensing

Global partners can quickly take advantage of  “turn-key” licensing programs that includes completed laboratory processing protocols, marketing materials and developed scientific products to collect process and store individual stem cell samples for clients with the confidence that they are providing cutting-edge science and services. Core to the platform is the validated collection, processing, storage and laboratory methodologies contained in our proprietary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Our licensing program can be broken down into four major categories;

(I) Whole adipose tissue collection, processing, storage and return delivery

(II) Stromal vascular fraction processing, storage and return delivery

(III) Mesenchymal cell processing, expansion, storage and return delivery

(IV) Mesenchymal cell culturing, conditioned media creation and storage