Standardized Cellular Processing Platform

Validated, clinical, FDA registered processing laboratory for Adipose Tissue (human fat) providing a standardized processing platform, cellular products and services.

Clinical Adipose Tissue Platform

tisue-refinedAmerican CryoStem (CRYO) has invested heavily over the past decade to develop and bring to market our proprietary, validated, FDA registered laboratory for Adipose Tissue Processing. This clinical processing platform enables CRYO to offer multiple commercial cellular products and services for individuals, physicians and researchers and forms the basis of our corporate and university based R&D collaborations. Our commercial services include the ability to cryopreserve an individual’s adipose tissue (fat), or cellular samples processed from the collected Adipose Tissue. Stored pure tissue samples may subsequently be reprocessed to SVF and stored and/or reprocessed into Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) or Differentiated Cells.

The Company’s Platform is centered on enabling, end-to-end, clinical collection, processing, tracking and storage of adipose tissue and ADSCs. Stored adipose tissue may be retrieved for immediate use in; cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, fat transfer to the face, hands, breasts and buttocks, etc. Further tissue processing allows for creation of cellular sample(s) for use in Regenerative and Personalize Medicine applications or topical anti-aging formulations made from the client’s own stem cells.





Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)  Isolated From Lipoaspirate. (ATCEL-SVF)

American CryoStem Laboratories (ACS Laboratories) is able to isolate the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) from client’s lipoaspirate. SVF is a component of the lipoaspirate obtained from liposuction of adipose tissue. Lipoaspirate contains a large population of stem cells called adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs), which share a number of similarities with bone marrow stem cells, including the capacity for multilineage differentiation. This cellular fraction contains approximately 40 different cell types that have identified applications or are  currently under clinical study for use in Cellular Regenerative Therapies (CRT).  SVF derived from adipose tissue is a rich source of preadipocytes, mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), endothelial progenitor cells, T cells, B cells, mast cells as well as adipose tissue macrophages.

The quantities of SVF which can be obtained from an adipose tissue sample are variable, being greatly affected by the collection technique and the quality of the harvested  tissue sample.


Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) & Expansion (ATCELL)

The field of regenerative medicine requires a reliable source of stem cells in addition to biomaterial scaffolds and cytokine growth factors. Adipose tissue has proven to serve as an abundant, accessible and rich source of adult stem cells with multipotent properties suitable for tissue engineering and regenerative medical applications.  Adipose Derived Stem Cells is the term used for cells that are derived from human fat tissue that are sometimes also referred to as Adipose Derives Stromal Cells.

Our processing platform begins with the disassociation of the tissue and the collection of the resulting cell sample (SVF).  When a client’s SVF is isolated from their lipoaspirate the SVF may be stored or further processed to isolate the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) suitable for Cellular Regenerative Therapy (CRT). CRYO is able to expand a client’s ADSCs under carefully optimized conditions and cryo-bank the resulting cells for future use. This may also be referred to as cell expansion or culturing.  These optimized conditions include expansion with American CryoStem’s proprietary ACSelerate™ growth medium, an animal product free growth medium carefully optimized to sustain a high growth rate while maintaining the full differentiation (ability to change) characteristics of these cells.


Maintaining the Highest Level of Cell Quality and Sterility

American CryoStem maintains throughout its laboratory and tissue processing operations a significant and validated quality management and testing program. The program is designed to ensure that each sample process is free of adventitious agents (contaminants)  Multiple tests are performed on each tissue sample to identify tissue viability and any possible contamination, aerobic (bacteria) & anaerobic (fungi &yeast) all samples received at our laboratory are tested in this manner, expanded or differentiated cells are subjected to additional testing for purity and cellular identify confirmation.

American CryoStem Sample Quality Control Testing

1. Physician sample QC

Tissue samples are immediately tested upon receipt at the laboratory facility.

2. Final Processing QC

After processing the tissue into final ATGRAFT or ATCELL product a QC sample is tested prior cryopreservation

3. Cryopreservation QC

Following processing a additional  QC sample is created for future  retrieval and testing  for cell viability and sterility.