Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Your Own Stored Tissue

Autologous fat transfer is an increasingly preferred procedure by patients looking for natural cosmetic augmentation and correction procedures.

Patients are enjoying the ability to have their stored adipose tissue available after the initial collection procedure for multiple augmentations to gain the desired results, in procedures such as: natural augmentation of the breast and buttocks or volume corrections in the hands, face,  and neck, etc.

Storing your adipose tissue for cosmetic enhancements provides you with numerous benefits not available during a one-time fat grafting procedures. You can now have one liposuction and simply visit your treating physician for multiple fat injections using your stored tissue anytime in the future. When you and your physician decide on a follow up cosmetic use, simply let us know and we will deliver your cryopreserved tissue to your treating physician for immediate use.

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Facial Fat Transfer Using ATGRAFT


Fat Transfer to the Hands